The transformation of notions under the influence of the pandemic will become the key topic of the 9th Open Innovations Forum. In an online format, the speakers will discuss how the attitudes to the digitalization of business, authority, and social institutions have changed and which technologies will be the key ones for the Post Covid-19 world order.

Apart from being a challenge for a huge number of industries the pandemic has also opened new opportunities for many others. The border closure has led to a renaissance of domestic tourism and the development of TravelTech. Self-isolation has changed the principles of creation and consumption of content. Social distancing technologies have become especially widely spread. These include telemedicine services, virtual offices, and educational online platforms.

Arkady Dvorkovich, the Chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation: "In 2020, we have found ourselves in a new reality, which has accelerated the digital transformation, kicked off the processes of the transfiguration of traditional business practices, and has had a drastic influence on the economy, markets, social sphere, and healthcare system. The online format of the Forum will allow involving opinion leaders from all over the world in discussing the peculiarities of such reality."

Fuelled by the pandemic, the crisis revealed the obvious advantage of companies that had managed to digitalize their business processes to the maximum possible extent and were able to promptly respond to changes in economic models. A growing number of corporations are creating innovation ecosystems to become more competitive, and are utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to develop their businesses.

Mark Vernooij, partner of THNK School of Creative Leadership: "While some industries (like online retail) are benefiting a lot and others (like the event industry) are struggling the question is: what can we learn from those that outperform their industry? It is like an escalator: all companies have a similar direction and motion. But some people run up escalators, some standstill, and some kids even try to run in the opposite direction of the escalator. In the same way, some companies outperform their industry. At this moment, the companies that outperform are the ones that allow themselves to swerve outside of their lanes, that are more creative than others and that are bolder than others”.

The society, business, and global governments still keep adapting to the new reality; however, it is already clear that digital technologies will remain the key drivers of sustainable growth in the Post Covid-19 world. Advanced companies of the real sector of the economy, investors, and techno-giants see the current crisis as a time of game-changing and the most promising opportunities.

Alexey Basov, Deputy General Director — Investment Director, RVC: "The coronavirus could not but have an impact on the activity of venture funds: Many investors have put fund-raising on hold, postponed new deals, and focused on the management of existing portfolios. However, the resistance of the industry to short-term turbulence and the high figures of free capital offer hope for prompt recovery; we can already see growth in the world's venture markets. Investors are ready to take risks when exploiting new niches and keeping an eye on assets in the growing segments."

Among the key speakers at Open Innovations, this year are Vice-Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko, Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist for Alibaba Cloud Wanli Min, co-founder and rector of the Singularity University Ray Kurzweil, Chairman of Severstal’s Board of Directors Alexey Mordashov, General Director of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Israel Shai-Lee Shpigelman, European Sustainability Director at the Coca-Cola Company Therese Noorlander, Chief Innovation Officer of Schneider Electric Emmanuel Lagarrigue, and other experts.

The 9th International Open Innovations Forum will be held in an online format during October 19-21. To take part in the Forum, please register at